ArtistInfo for Mac

ArtistInfo presents information on artists, bands, and music albums collected by crawling data from the several Internet sources. Main topics are:


ArtistInfo uses Web Services and data sources such as Wikipedia, MusicBrainz, and iTunes Store to mash-up relevant information on musicians, composers, producers, albums, instruments, and musical genres. All found information is presented in a concise overview. Select from the left sidebar listed artists and music albums. Browse to further details by clicking info elements in the main view that are marked with an arrow ( or formerly ).

In Sync With iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify

If the "Sync" button in the toolbar is activated ArtistInfo listens to the music that is playing by iTunes, Apple Music, or Spotify and will collect the corresponding information on album title and performing artists automatically in the background. Synchronisation is working with the desktop applications of iTunes and Spotify (not with their Web browser versions). ArtistInfo also works when listening to Internet radio in iTunes. If enabled in the preference panel ArtistInfo will synchronize on selection of artists, albums and tracks in iTunes. You may browse along the network of artists while listening to your music collection. Discover new musicians, bands and albums. And listen to newly discovered songs by a mouse click. If you want to start ArtistInfo within the iTunes application you may add a menu entry to iTunes via an AppleScript extension (install AppleScript for iTunes Menu).

Discover Musicians, Bands and Albums

Search for a musician, a band, or an album using the search field of ArtistInfo's toolbar. Apply the following search terms:

  • "Artist"
  • "Artist - Album Title"
  • "Album Title"

To augment search results add an asterix "*" to the search string. If several search results are found, you may select the corresponding entry in the pull-down menu by clicking the triangle besides the magnifying glass in the search field. Results may include the artist as a person as well as band names containing artist's name. Artists with similar names are listed as well. 

Details on Artists

Select the artist of interest on the left sidebar to get detailed information on personal data, biography, discography, and more.

Next to the portrait photo personal data such as role of the artist, birth date and place, musical instruments playing, and related persons and music groups are listed. Below the portrait photo the artist's biography and discography are shown.   

Musical Instruments

The musical instruments played by the artist are listed in the section "plays" in the personal data list right from the portrait photo. Click on an entry and a pop-up window will display an image and a short description of the selected instrument. 

The "Done" button will close the pop-up window, while the "Show" button will display detailed information on the musical instrument found on Wikipedia. 

Musical Genres

The same pop-up window mechanism works for musical genres. See a short description as pop-up window or browse through the detailed Wikipedia description by clicking the "Show" button in the pop-up window.


Member of Band

Under the "plays with" section you find music groups the selected artist is member of. Clicking on a band will show a pop-up window with an image and a short description. If you push the "Show" button, the band becomes the main artist in the sidebar on the left.  


Albums related to the artist are listed in the discography with album title, album artist and release year. Clicking on an album will show a pop-up window with an image of the album cover and additional information such as label, number of tracks, and musical genre. If you push the "Show" button, the album artist and the album will become the main selection shown in the sidebar on the left.


Details on Albums

The first section in the sidebar on the left called "ARTIST - ALBUM" is listing the main selection, either an artist (being an individual musician or a band) or one or more artists plus their corresponding album. If you select the album (shown as last item in the "ARTIST - ALBUM" section and before the "MUSICIANS" section begins), the album view presents the album cover and additional information such as album artist, release year, release country, recording label and musical genre of the album. If available comments or liner notes on the album are displayed. Underneath the liner notes the album tracks are listed. In the "MUSICIANS" section of the sidebar the musicians playing on the selected album are listed and can be selected to get detailed information. More artists involved in the selected album may be listed under the categories "COMPOSERS" and "PRODUCERS".

Album Tracks

In some cases AlbumInfo may collect information on which musician is playing what instrument on specific tracks. View track-specific information in the pop-up window presented after clicking the track marked with an arrow (⟩ or ).

On compilation albums with various artists all musicians are listed under the "MUSICIANS" section. In the track pop-up window the corresponding artists playing on that song are displayed.

Play Songs

Start listening to discovered albums and songs by opening the "Play" menu with a right mouse click on a selected track. The play command will first search the song in your local iTunes collection (which is indicated by the iTunes button in the DISCOGRAPHY or TRACKS panel). When not found ArtistInfo will check the availability of the song in Apple Music or Spotify. If the song is still not found ArtistInfo is searching the song on Youtube and will playback an embedded video. With the submenues you may start the song directly in the corresponding application. Check the Preferences panel to customize the 'Play' behavior of ArtistInfo.

My Favorites

Manage your most liked artists and albums in your 'My Favorites' list. Independent of having tracks of them locally in your iTunes music collection. Filter and sort your favorites by artist, band, album, age, country, or genre. Synchronize your 'My Favorites' list with your other iOS and macOS devices via iCloud, so you are always prepared to give tipps on great artists and your preferred music. 

See What the Community is Searching for

Besides your own favorites you can get be inspired by what others are looking for. See weekly Top 10 of artists, bands and albums searched by the ArtistInfo community. Or even see what others are currently searching for right now.

Use the menu on the top left to switch between "My Favorites", "Community Top 10", and "Recently Searched". 


Share With Your Friends

Share your favorites with your friends via email, social media, and AirDrop. Send your recommendation to your friends as rich message with image, detailed text, and a direct link to load and see your recommendation within their ArtistInfo App. Maybe they save your recommendation to their 'My favorites' list ...

Even if they do net yet have installed ArtistInfo, they can view your recommendation via Universal Link as Web page on ArtistInfo for Web

Portrait Photos of Artists

ArtistInfo is using small thumbnail images in the sidebar to represent artists. In the main content view an image of higher quality is displayed as portrait. Clicking on the image will open a pop-up window with a larger view of that portrait photo. If you want to see more images on the artist click the "Show" button to browse images on a Google web page. Follow the links in the web page to see the images in full detail.

Album Covers

ArtistInfo is using small thumbnail images in the sidebar to represent albums. In the main content view an image of higher quality is displayed as album cover. Clicking on the image will open a pop-up window with a larger view of that cover image. If you want to see more images on the album click the "Show" button to browse images on a Google web page. There you might find also back covers. Follow the links in the web page to see the images in full detail.

From the image pop-up window you can drag'n'drop album covers or portrait images to the desktop, to the finder, or to other applications. You therefore may easily add missing album covers within iTunes by dragging them from ArtistInfo to iTunes album information panel. 


To discover new musicians ArtistInfo presents famous artists and well-reviewed albums in the recommendation panel. The recommendation panel will open by either clicking the "star" button in the toolbar, by selecting the Window - Recommendations menu, or by pressing the recommendation button on the welcome page.

By selecting a recommendation more details are searched and be presented in the main window. The recommendations can be filtered by musical genre and the albums also by their release year. Within the tables, recommendations can be sorted by artist name, genre, album title, score, and release date by clicking on the corresponding column title.

ArtistNet: Discover Relations among Musicians

The ArtistNet visualization provides insight in the network of musicians that was established by performing together in bands and on albums. The network is presented as connections between artists arranged in a circle or as a more complex graph view.

   ArtistNet visualization: create an ArtistNet visualization of selected artist. 

The collection of all needed data for an ArtistNet visualization takes several minutes and runs in the background. The generated visualization is highly interactive. You can easily select and filter the network by hovering the mouse over topics in the statistical charts on the left about instruments, genres and countries. ArtistNet let you follow the history of how an artist's network changed and grew over time by animating through selected years in the album timeline. By double-clicking elements in the visualization, detailed information on albums, musicians, musical instruments, genres and countries are presented in ArtistInfo. Hover the mouse pointer over the caption or over the help icon to get a view-specific quick help.

 Add ArtistNet to 'My Favorites': save the generated ArtistNet visualization together with artist in 'My Favorites'. 

Save the current ArtistNet visualization together with the selected artist in your 'My favorites' list. The ArtistNet visualization will synchronize via iCloud with your other macOS and iPad devices so that you immediately can present saved ArtistNet visualizations to friends – even on your mobile iPad. 

   Open ArtistNet in Safari: view ArtistNet visualization in Safari as HTML page.

Interactive ArtistNet visualizations generated by ArtistInfo can be exported to stand-alone HTML pages that contain the SVG graphics, corresponding data and the interaction logic as JavaScript code. Feel free to embed these pages into your own Web site. Find examples of ArtistNet as HTML pages in the "ARTISTNET AS WEB PAGE" panel on the top right.

Animated Artist Presentation

In the Window menu open the Presentation Screen for an animated presentation that shows the musicians involved in the music that you are listening to on your Mac. The animated presentation will change automatically between the artists showing their portrait picture and additional information on musical instruments, roles and genres. Best enjoy the animation by switching the presentation window to full screen mode. Use AirPlay to beam the animated presentation along with the audio to your Apple TV to entertain a bigger audience (e.g., at parties or in bars).    

External Web Pages

At the top of the content view links to external web sites are accessible via tab buttons. They are enabled if artist-specific or album-specific links are found for:

    iTunes Store: see artist or album on Apple's iTunes Store. Prelisten to music and buy tracks and albums.

Wikipedia: browse the free enyclopedia about artists and albums.

   MusicBrainz: examine the music metadata on the MusicBrainz website.

    Discogs: explore the Discogs database on Vinyl and CD recordings.

    Homepage: go to the homepage of the selected artist.

    Facebook: view the artist's Facebook page.

    Youtube: view video clips of selected artist on Youtube.

    Songkick: discover upcoming concert events of selected artist.

    Main View: click the main view icon or select an item in the sidebar to get the main content presentation. 

The external web pages are presented inside the content view of ArtistInfo. You may follow links inside the web page, browse for upcoming concert events, view videos and listen to audio without leaving the ArtistInfo application.

Use the menu on the right mouse button to navigate back and forth in the Web view.

   Share: Send the link of external web page to friends via email, social media, or view web page in Safari.

Pre-listen & Buy Music

When you browse an artist or an album in ArtistInfo you can surf the corresponding music in the Apple iTunes Store by clicking the iTunes tab button. Within the iTunes Web page you may pre-listen songs. With the "View in iTunes" button you can jump from the Web view of iTunes within ArtistInfo directly to your local iTunes application to buy songs and albums. 


View Video Clips

View video clips on the YouTube channel of the selected artist.

Feel free to browse and search within the YouTube web page to find and watch music videos.   




Upcoming Concert Events

Discover upcoming concert events of the selected artist on the SongKick web site. Songkick typically presents concerts nearby your location.


Customize the behavior of ArtistInfo in the Preferences panel. Settings are available for synchronization with audio players, playback of discovered music, iCloud, and Web Services. 






Welcome Screen

When you start ArtistInfo you will see a welcome screen where you may start a separate window panel with a short introduction to ArtistInfo.





Short Introduction

The introduction includes some sample search terms on the top right. As a newbie you may copy-paste the terms to the search field of the toolbar in order to try-out ArtistInfo at first hand.

On the ArtistInfo's introduction page you find a button under the "iTunes" header in order to install an AppleScript that adds a Menu to iTunes so that you easily can start ArtistInfo from within the iTunes application.

Install AppleScript for iTunes Menu. 


Enjoy Your Music

Enjoy your digital music collection even more with the context information on artists delivered by ArtistInfo. As a music fan you may find relations between musicians, discover new bands and their music, and take an interest in your favorite artists and their fine works. 

Next Steps


ArtistInfo for Mac is available for
macOS & OS X 10.9 and later. 

ArtistInfo for iPad & iPhone is
available for iOS 8 and later.



Are you a music lover, a fan of bands and musicians, an afi­cio­nado of Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz…? Then ArtistInfo provides you with context information about your favorite artists.

"Who played those groovy bass lines on the album that I am listening to?"
"What are the members of that cool band?"
"Which horn player performed that great sax solo on this track?"
"Who composed that song?"
"With whom else has my favorite musician played with?"
"What other albums were released by this guitar player?"

ArtistInfo helps you to find out and to discover the inspiring world of music.


See ArtistInfo for Mac in action!


- Browse musicians & bands
- Check album credits
- Look over famous artists
- Discover artists on albums
- See their discographies
- Find recommended albums
- Explore musical genres
- Visualize artist relations
- Listen to discovered songs
- Manage your favorites
- Share with your friends 
- View videos on YouTube
- View musical instruments
- Find upcoming concerts


Relations among Musicians
ArtistInfo for Mac provides a new way to explore the network of musicians established by playing together in bands and on albums. 


Reviews of ArtistInfo in English: 

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Presentation on "ArtistInfo - Motivation and Technical Background" held April 16th, 2014. Download as PDF.


The ArtistNet visualization generated by ArtistInfo for Mac can be exported to stand-alone Web pages. Try out the following examples:

Pat Metheny
Pat Metheny Group
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Brand New Heavies
Peter Erskine
Kenny Wheeler
Michael Bucher
- Michael Gassmann