What ArtistInfo Depends On

Data Sources

ArtistInfo is collecting information on albums and artists from the data sources listed below. They are available as Web Services and are providing open protocols (search API's, SPARQL request calls) to access their databases. ArtistInfo receives requested data in XML or JSON format and maps the different sources to an aggregated model of artist, instrument, band, genre, album, and song elements. Additionally ArtistInfo does access its own database run as Metason Web Service and which is mainly fed by a database dump from Discogs.


Media Sources

Additionally to the formal data model ArtistInfo is referencing media such as images, audio and video available on the Web. ArtistInfo is presenting these artist-specific media "as is" in an embedded Web browser.


Audio Players

ArtistInfo works as an add-on to existing audio players which are running as separate applications. ArtistInfo is synchronizing to music that is playing in iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.



ArtistInfo is developped in Objective-C using the Xcode programming environment from Apple. It heavely makes reuse of the object-oriented Cocoa framework. The ArtistNet visualization is based on the D3.js library using standardized HTML, CSS, SVG, and JavaScript technologies. The internally used administration tool to manage the Metason database and the artist index within the ArtistInfo App is built on top of the Realm DB technology.



More content for ArtistInfo
June 2019: Updated Metason database now includes 2.5 Mio artists and 5.4 Mio albums. 

ArtistInfo for iOS in sync with Spotify
March 2018: New release of ArtistInfo for iOS can be in sync with Spotify to get artist infos on currently playing tracks. 

Listen to Music in ArtistInfo for Web
May 2017: Current release of ArtistInfo for Web includes prelistening of album tracks and of artist's most popular songs and Youtube videos. Start discovered album tracks directly in your subscribed Apple Music or Spotify apps at